Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break Day 3 - Just Chillin

Hey friends, today we are tuning in from our next destination where the temperatures here are well below zero and the only dinner served is that of which you catch!

When we first arrived, we had to build our own igloos. Sleeping on ice blocks sure is hard on the back!
By the time we finished we were absolutely starving! What, no room service? Luckily there was a pond just outside of where we set up camp. Grab the poles boys, we need to catch us some lunch!
Wow, fresh tuna sure does make a good sandwich.

We then decided to check out the area with our binoculars in hand. We even met some new friends which seemed to be a bit overdressed for the current weather conditions. Tuxedos? We were dressed from head to toe in appropriate apparel and we still couldn't feel our fingers or toes!
Before calling it a night, we enjoyed some family time around a quick game the locals like to call
 "Don't break the ice".
Although we enjoyed the adventure, I'm not sure that we could handle another night like this. We're on vacation and it was just too much work having to build our own igloo, catch our own dinner while freezing our tootsies off to boot! Not sure where we are headed next but you can bet it will be a warmer climate. Thanks for checking in with us. Until next time.....stay cool:)

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  1. Is there a cooler mom out there? Geez give us no chance! Can't wait to see the next vacation spot:)