Monday, July 6, 2009

This and that

Here are a few more pics of our summer so far. They include a homemade teepee that James made with the boys and a bike ride at celery bog nature center.

Circus Night

Last week we had planned to hit the water park but mother nature didn't have the same idea in mind. It rained all day and we were stuck inside with only our imaginations so....we had decided to create an indoor circus. We created our very own popcorn boxes, made snow cones, had elephant rides (compliments of daddy), face painting, played animal charades, and had a balloon bust. The boys had so much and they can't wait until the next rainy day so we can do it all again.

A Day In The Windy City

A recent road trip to the windy city blew in lots of good times with the Lincoln Park Zoo, The Museum of Science and Industry and a grand finale at The Rainforest Cafe.

Just for Kicks

The boys had their first kick at soccer this year with Challenger Soccer Camp. We met each day at the local park, rain or shine and when I say rain....I mean pouring down, get drenched and have to run to the car without an umbrella rain. They both had such a great time and did exceptionally well at the clinic. Now that the fundamentals are set, they are scheduled to join the fall league in August. As you can see, Jameson had his little mind on more than just soccer. Her name is Emiline and she went to preschool with him last fall. It was so precious, the last day of camp her mom came running up to the car and asked if Emiline could say goodbye. She was upset crying and laid her head on his shoulder as she hugged him goodbye for the summer. He pat her on the back with his little hand and told her that they would meet in the park to play sometime. So cute!

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

The month of June brought plenty of adventure to the Gilberts. I was scheduled to teach a class in Ossian which is only 20 minutes outside of Ft. Wayne, so the whole family packed up and with me! Here are a few pics from the Ft. Wayne Zoo.