Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break Day 2 - A Rest Between Destinations

Well, day 2 of our spring break was yesterday and we were still exhausted from all of the beach festivities from the day before so we decided to take it easy.

We surprised Daddy by making him his favorite cookies and meeting him at the park for lunch.

We even threw around the football a bit.

That night, we fired up the grill for the first time with homemade milkshakes which were the perfect pairing to a long awaited summer (well almost) burger. The boys picked between chocolate chip cookies, chocolate syrup, m&ms and fudge for their mix ins. Okay, who are we kidding, they picked all of them which may sound like a bit much but after all... we are on vacation and they sure were yummy!
At the end of the day Jalen said, "I've had fun at the beach mommy but I was thinking that we could try the opposite now. Since we've been somewhere warm, how about we try somewhere cold now?" I was less than thrilled with this idea as I was more than content staying at the beach and working on my tan. However, it is their spring break so we packed up the suitcases and headed for the artic region. We arrived this morning and we currently have less than desirable weather conditions. Our accommodations include a small igloo just beyond a frozen pond where they expect you to ice fish for your dinner? Are you kidding me? Well, my fingers are freezing by the minute and a penguin keeps pecking at my toes so I better run. We will update you this evening on the day's events.

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