Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010

So Friday Jalen comes home and asks where we are traveling to for spring break. Why do teachers do this? Has it ever occured to them that maybe not all families take an extended trip during one of the few weeks per year that moms get to sleep in and not have the morning school rush? Honestly, its not that I didn't want to take a trip this year but the doctor wouldn't allow it this far along in the pregnancy. So.. I had to get my creative juices flowing! Each day this week, I will attempt to think up some sort of fun for my kiddos to participate in. Yesterday was day one and we had to kick it off right. Since we can't go to the beach this week, by golly, the beach came to us! We woke up early and departed the plane with warm temperatures. Immediately we shedded our Indiana clothes for some swim trunks, flip flops and a pair of shades. Ahh...much better.

Then we headed down stairs to start the festivities. We made hand print octopus, other sea creatures and oceans in a bottle.

We even made sea urchins. Watch out! They'll stick you!

For lunch, we headed down to the beach and had a bbq picnic with sandwiches, lemonade and popsicle treats. Our good friends Kristina and baby Brayden even came by to visit during the afternoon. It was great fun sharing our trip with them! As the day began to settle down, we had a family corn hole tournament which Jalen and Mommy reign as the champions. Then we hunted for sea shells!
After using up all that energy, we wanted to relax so we headed to the day spa where we each enjoyed our very own pedicure. This was a first for the boys and quite frankly it scared daddy a bit that they enjoyed it so much ...lol...
For dinner we enjoyed chicken nachos and ice cream cones for dessert. We had to eat them fast as the sun was melting them right before our eyes!
To finish up the almost perfect day, the Resort de Gilbert offered a beach front showing of Finding Nemo. We sat in our beach chairs and enjoyed the show under the stars with the cool breeze from the ocean tickling our toes. We all had such a fantastic time and enjoyed the change of scenery. Stay tuned for day 2 of spring break 2010....

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