Monday, November 14, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

With Love Christmas Card
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Days of Disney

Jalen, Jameson and Jacey here! Did you know that Mommy and Daddy took all three of us to Disney this fall? We know what you're about to say..."What were they thinking?" Well, we promised to be on our best behavior and we think we did a pretty swell job! We started the excitement by creating a countdown calendar that Mommy put on the fridge. Each morning before school, one of us got to do the honors of marking off another day. Finally, the big day arrived. We could hardly squeeze the four suitcases, diaper bag, two boosters, a car seat, a stroller and 5 people inside but we made it work...Barely! Jacey was super excited to be on an airplane for the first time. She loved looking out the window and watching the clouds go by.
When we arrived at our hotel room we discovered that Minny and Mickey had been waiting for us to arrive! They even left us surprises in our room to show how excited they were to have us there.

The next 6 days were nothing but fun as we were up at dawn and out til dusk ensuring that we didn't miss a single thing.
We visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney. Because our Mommy tends to go overboard at times, she took over 400 pictures which means that we can't possibly post them all here but we do want to share them with you! Click Here To Take A Peek At All The Fun We Had!

Fond Memories

As we sit here today stuffed to the gills, watching football in our cozy new slippers, I can't help but think "Where has the last few months gone?" Yes, I realize that I have not posted anything since August and yes, I'm about to give you a few good (what I think are good) excuses as to why. This seems to be a pattern doesn't it?

The end of August was a season of change for us as Jalen moved on to first grade and Jameson started Kindergarten!
How could this be? The sweet little boy stripped down to his diaper with his face covered in finger paint, was now a handsome little boy with backpack in tow, standing as proud as a peacock and about to embark on a new adventure. Needless to say, he loves every minute of it and is one smart cookie if I do say so myself. Sometimes too smart. Here's a proud picture of his first day.
To celebrate the end of summer and the start of fall, we asked Daddy to take us out to the ball game! Chicago here we come! It was such a great day as the Cubs were able to pull off a victory which we all know doesn't happen all to often.
The weather was hot but the fun was cool and even Jacey was snug as a bug as we enjoyed our only game of the year.
We of course have our fondest memories from this year's vacation to Disney World! There is so much to share that we will make a separate post so that you can share every moment of joy with us. But first, we are about to say goodbye to The Sweet and Salty Life. With three kiddos competing for attention and my desire to share recipes and frugal finds, we've decided to move to a new website that will include a page for each of us. Jalen, Jameson and Jacey will each be able to share their favorite moments with you while I'll have a separate page for updating freebies and deals. We are still in the construction process but we will keep you posted on our progress.

Okay, Miss Jacey is becoming impatient. Days of Disney on the way!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me

Ahoy Mateys! It's Captain Jameson here. Did you know that I am turning five next week? Shiver me timbers, time flies when you're havin fun and that's just what I've been havin this weekend. Its all hands on deck as we tossed anchor in celebration today. Granny and Papaw even sailed the seven seas to join us! Mom and Dad hid gold all around the place and we went for a hunt. My lad Jalen tried to steal some of my coins and had to have him walk the plank. Aaarrrggghhhh!

 Mom made me a great cake complete with two ships battling it out with whopper canon balls and an inlet with lots of treasure to be found.

Before the sun set, Dad gave me a map that pointed me in the direction of the real presents!

An Iron Man mask and glove! Blow me down, I was excited! Yo Ho Yo Ho A pirates life for me. Well,  thar she blows! I'm sure I'll have lots more to say in a week or two. I'm starting Kindergarten me hearties! Until then...

Five and Fantastic

Ahoy Mateys! It's Captain Jameson here. Did you know that I am turning 5 years old next week? Shiver Me Timbers! Time flies when you're having fun and that's just what I've been having this weekend. All hands on deck as we celebrated my birthday today. Granny and Papaw even sailed the seven seas to join in the excitement. First mommy and daddy hid gold all around the house for my Lad Jalen and I to find. Jacey wasn't a high enough rank aboard ship to help this year r

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Art Appreciation - Day 3

Today we learned about Vincent Van Gogh. Did you know that he was a Christian? He at one point gave everything that he owned away to the poor. He was an art teacher and a preacher! I'm sure you already know that he was a great artist too. He is most famous for his painting "Starry Night". This is one of our Daddy's favorite paintings so we made him our own version today. 

When we were finished we looked outside and it was pouring down rain. Mommy looked at us and said
"You wanna go outside and play in the rain today?" Was she joking? For a few minutes we just gave her a confused look, not sure if we should run for the front door or if this was just a mean trick. Great news, she was being serious! We went outside and ran through our driveway, laid down and made "rain" angels and splashed in puddles upon puddles! It was soooo much fun. Mommy said our neighbors driving by must think she is crazy but if this is crazy then crazy is fun!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art Appreciation - Day 2

Day two of Art Appreciation Week! Today we learned about Pablo Picasso. We tried our hand at Cubism which was just okay. Did you know Picasso used very little color during this time? BORING!
We had to spice it up a bit so Mommy let us helmet paint. Yep, that's right! We strapped a paint brush to the top of a construction hat and painted with our heads! What a hoot! Can't wait to see what's next. Hope you are all enjoying the week with us!                 

We wouldn't want to leave Jacey out so here is a picture of her just being cute.
"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" ~ Pablo Picasso