Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey friends, it's Jalen! Sunday we celebrated my 7th birthday! I know, I know, you can hardly believe that I'm growing so fast right? Instead of getting a ton of presents that Mom says will end up in next year's garage sale, my brother and I always get one or two small gifts and our choice of a family mini trip. Mom and Dad tell us that the memories will last longer than the toys and I'll admit, I sure do love traveling to new places! This year, I chose Legoland Chicago.

We started the birthday morning just as we always do with cake for breakfast! This is one of my favorite family traditions:P

Once inside the museum, we were able to walk through lots of exhibits, all made entirely out of legos!  

We entered a jungle with hippos, tigers, monkeys and snakes all constructed of tiny plastic bricks, pieced together one by one. I wonder how many hours it took to build such a masterpiece? I hope they stopped for snacks!
Mommy and Daddy's favorite exhibit was the mini replica of Chicago. It was amazing! Every tiny detail was there from the sears tower down to road construction being completed in the middle of Michigan Ave. There were dog walkers on the beach, shoppers galore and lights that shined through the stained glass windows of the beautiful churches. The pieces even moved so that the whole city was in action!

We rode a hanglider and we even took a tour of the lego factory where we made our very own souvenir lego. I was in charge of pushing the button that stamped the factory name on top.
My favorite part was when Daddy helped us build a giant tower out of lego bricks. 
Jacey took a little nap while we worked on our project.

It took a long time but we finally finished! Can you guess who's inside?

Before heading home we stopped at my favorite restaurant, The Rainforest Cafe!  Thanks Mom and Dad for such an awesome birthday! I'm already planning for next year. African Safari sounds like fun! Do you think we could make it there and back in a day? Probably not huh? Well, let me know if you have any ideas. I love exploring new places!

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