Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's Cookin Good Lookin?

This morning Jameson came running into the nursery and asked if May was over yet. "Only one more week!" I told him. Why did he ask? Apparently, he just remembered that Topper's birthday is in May. Who is Topper? Ah yes. Topper is a beanie baby giraffe from a McDonald's happy meal that we were blessed with three years ago. Let me add that the tag is no longer attached to tell us his date of birth so when Jameson said that it was in May, I figured that he was just trying to find another reason to eat more cake! Lo and behold, after doing a quick search on, Topper's birthday is in fact this week. Our little guy will be turning three which means a celebration is in order. Jameson wanted to do it up right so he decided that Topper would enjoy some confetti cupcakes with lifesavers on top. Okay little man, if you say so! Chef Jameson in the house! He did it all by himself from start to finish and I must say...not too shabby. He told me that he thought the first "patch" turned out better then the that was not a typo, he said "patch" not batch. We are still trying to learn the kitchen terminology but we may just have the next Emeril on our hands folks!

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  1. Enjoy the magic, Dawn! It's fleeting!
    Lots of love and prayers! Lori