Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comes the End of One Season and The Beginning of the Next

It seems like yesterday that I was posting a picture of Jalen, standing on the front porch with his backpack on, wearing a proud smile upon his face as he loaded the bus for his first day of Kindergarten. Throughout this school year we were introduced to the letter people, we learned how to tell time and how to add. I attended two field trips and made lots of yummy treats for our designated snack days. We began reading and we have become more independent then any 6 year old should be. A mommy wants to feel needed you know!

Jameson stayed home with me this year with the exception of attending a mother's day out program once a week, for a little socialization more suitable to his liking. However, that doesn't mean that he wasn't growing measures academically. This year we worked together to learn everything needed for our big debut in Kindergarten. He is counting in the hundreds and reading books! We've enjoyed afternoons in the park, baking cookies and learning our site words. He even became quite the helper around the house.You would be surprised at how well a 4 year old can dust!

As I sit here today and look back on the past year, I realize just how fast the time flew by. The boys and I had so much fun during this season but as life goes, it's time once again for change.

Last month, little Jacey was born and the Gilbert house will never be the same. A house that was full of nails and snails and puppy dog tails now has a dash of sugar and spice with everything nice. I must say, the two are blending perfectly! The boys love their new little sister and the protective instinct has already set in.

This is the last week of school and then the season will change. This fall, Jalen will move on to first grade and Jameson to Kindergarten which will leave just us girls. I'm excited to have this mommy-daughter time but also sad at how fast the boys are growing. Tomorrow I will wake up and they will be in cap and gown! Slow down my little munchkins, you've got plenty of time.

Here are a few memories from this school year including Jalen's last field trip that was today.

Jameson was Lucky and Charming for St Patty's Day

Jalen with his lead as a fish in the school play "Carnival of Animals"
                                                    Field Trip Columbian Park Zoo

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