Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Family Stitched Together With Love Seldom Unravels

This afternoon I was sitting in the nursery as James finished painting. The room is dusted in pink and smells fresh like baby powder from the open candle on the bookshelf. The chandelier is hung and gives the room the perfect touch of ambience needed for our little girl's big debut. As I sit here, I am flipping through parenting magazines that have a wide array of vendor advertisements from florists, to cake decoraters to photographers of course, just waiting for their phone to ring so that they can be the one to capture that "perfect moment" that you as a parent will cherish forever. As I think to myself, "wow, so many options and so overpriced!", something caught my eye that made me think. In the middle of the page was a small ad for a family photographer. It had a sample photo of a loving couple and their three children, all smiling perfectly. The family was beautiful but it was the phrase below that really captured my attention. "A Family Stitched Together With Love Seldom Unravels". here's a thought to ponder. I began to think about the similarities of a family and a quilt and how this simple advertisement had much more meaning behind it then most may realize. Picture a quilt, maybe even one that you have at home or that has been in the family for years. The quilt is unique and there is no other like it. It is probably loved by many. Each piece of the quilt is essential to completing the whole. Each piece is tightly bonded to the next with boundaries on all sides. It took time and an investment to make this quilt.  Someone stitched each piece together with patience and love, paying special attention to detail. Someone has cared for it over the years and preserved it. The quilt is designed to provide protection, warmth and comfort to all who use it. It best fulfills it's purpose when used and not just on display. It may get tossed around a bit throughout the years, it may get dirty or even a little worn but it somehow makes it stronger. No matter how old it gets, it is still the one thing that you think of when you think of "home". To touch it and smell it brings a sense of peace and security. To see it represents a lifetime of memories made. Sounds like a precious and valuable piece of fabric doesn't it? As James and I embark on our next journey as a couple, raising not two but soon three of God's precious children, I want for our family to resemble the quilt. We will work together side by side to build a heritage that will hopefully be passed down from generation to generation. One created with love and patience and the investment of time. One that will be loved by many and one that will hopefully bring joy and comfort to many as well. One that can take a beaten and get dirty but no matter the circumstance, will forever remain strong and never unravel. This is my prayer for our family and for yours. Life goes by so fast and we so often forget the importance of raising our families. We get side tracked by our to do list for the day which I am learning may not necessarily be God's to do list for our day. There will always be a load of laundry to do, a rug to vacuum or a table to dust but the window of opportunity to stitch together our quilt will soon be gone. Children grow up so fast and we only have one chance to raise our family. As we stitch together our quilt, let us do it with love, with patience, intentionality and with God guiding our shaking hand.

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