Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back in the game

Oh friends, yes I do realize that it has been since October since I last posted. I figure by now, you have all but given up on me, but wait! I'm back! Yes it's true that I did have a season where I just simply could not muster up the energy and motivation to post. Who knows why really? It could have been that the holidays hit, or that my munchkins were sick, I was feeling a little blah due to the pregnancy..I can give you excuses if you really want them but why don't we just let the past be the past and pick up where we left off? As I sit here this morning, I feel a bit like an oompa loompa straight out of wonka land with my short legs and oversized belly just waiting on my next piece of chocolate or the perfect time to explode, which ever comes first. Only 11 weeks left until our little girl gets here and I am beyond ready for the big moment to arrive. Really quickly to bring you all up to speed, we are now 29 weeks pregnant and expecting a little girl on or around April 26th. After much debate, we have decided on naming her Jacey Noel. We are currently enrolled in Bradley classes and plan on delivering at Clarian North in Carmel. Moving on...I decided to update the blog to make it a bit more fun and friendly. I will continue to post adorable pictures of the kiddos and stories to go along side but I wanted to do something more. In the left hand column, I've added a few new additions! Frugal and Free will be an area that I post upcoming deals and community freebies on. This is my new addiction. What can I get a really good deal on this week or better yet for free! I'll share each week's discoveries with you in Frugal and Free. As most of you know, I truly love to cook and have a deep respect for a new recipe that is warranted "a keeper" from my fellow Gilbert critics. Each week I'll post one or two new recipes that have been tested and approved. Beyond the above, I'll also add craft ideas for the kiddos, any good books that has my attention or links that I think a wife and/or mother cannot live without. Wow! I suddenly feel better and although I'm sure you all have your doubts about my upcoming plan to be more diligent, I feel like I've redeemed myself for being a slacking blogger for the past 3 months and that our online relationship can sky rocket to a whole new level! Having that said, I hope you'll give me one more chance to prove myself as your fellow blogger. Enjoy reading and catching up with the Gilberts via The Sweet and Salty Life - The New and Improved Edition:)

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  1. YEA! You're back :) I love the new blog and am so excited to read your posts. Reading today's made my evening!