Monday, October 5, 2009

Gilberts on the Green

As most of you already know, my husband has quite the obsession with golf. He recently decided that it was time to share this passion with the boys. Early one evening, he loaded up his golf bag along with a set of plastic clubs and they headed out the door. After a brief practice session in the front yard, they were ready to hit the greens! What an amazing father my husband is. God has truly blessed him with a gift of patience and love. It brings me so much excitement to see him setting examples for the boys and raising them to be Godly men. Being a father is such an important role and James seems to do it effortlessly. Once the boys made it home, dinner was on the table. They were so excited to tell me how they did. James quizzed them on how many shots you have to make par and they were proud to know the difference between a birdie and a bogey. So cute. I thank God daily for blessing me with these three wonderful men.

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