Monday, February 2, 2009

Four Hours of Fun

Today was Jalen's first day of preschool. Unfortunately, they didn't have availability on the same days that Jameson attends so I'm dropping off every day Monday - Friday, just alternating kiddos. Craaaazy!

Although the schedule of it all is some what chaotic, it allows me to have one on one time with each of them for a few hours each morning and that has been amazing. Today, since Jalen was in school, mommy and Jameson ran a few errands and then had some fun.

First we went to library and read a book about Groundhog's Day.

Then we did a puppet show!

On to Uniquely Yours pottery to paint a dinosaur!

After pottery, we went to the post office, the ups store and grocery shopping before picking up our brother. Jalen had a great 1st day, loved his teacher and learned a lot.

Look mom, he saw his shadow. Six more week's of winter!

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