Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can I taste it yet?

Well, the boys and I stayed home for the majority of the day. We watched cartoons, cleaned the playroom and practiced the alphabet. Then, I realized that I needed several things from the store. Yeah, only one problem. I had already given them baths, they were in their pajamas and James wasn't going to be home for a few more hours. So, we threw on our shoes and our coats and headed to the store. Fortunately, there was only one other person inside and we didn't look too lazy. It's a snow day right? Pjs are totally permitted. When we got home, our neighbor had plowed our driveway as well as the other houses on both sides of us. How sweet is that? We hardly know them but everytime it snows, he makes sure that our driveway is clear. I couldn't even tell you his name but one thing is for sure, acts of random kindness are far and few between in today's world. Jameson and I decided that it would be nice to bake a warm batch of brownies to take over as our way of saying thank you. With each step of the process I heard "Can I taste it yet". Finally, I gave him his wish. He licked the spatula clean. He's always mommy's little helper around the kitchen. Love him!

"Can I taste it yet?"

"Can I taste it now?" " Is it almost ready to taste?"

"Can I taste it? I just want to taste it."
"Yum. It tastes really good, our neighbor will like it. " I like it too. "

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  1. Far too cute - I have an adorable pic of Sarah with brownie batter all over her face licking the spoon. Sounds like you all had fun!