Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to the family Tommy Rodger

I now realize that Christmas was over two weeks ago and I haven't posted since December 20th. much to share. We spent Christmas Eve at James's parents house down south. Good times. I made homemade caramel corn which was a big hit that paired nicely with my apple dumplings for dessert, yum! The boys were so excited. They were amazed that we made popcorn on the stove and that it didn't come from a brown paper bag with steam rolling from the microwave. It was great to spend time with family that we don't see very often. Christmas morning was a hoot! I tried to sneak in the shower before the boys woke up but as soon as Jalen heard the floor creak it was "Mommy, did Santa come?". We headed downstairs only to find that Santa had ate our cookies and that the reindeer were quite pleased with their carrots. We even left Santa strawberry milk this year! Jalen thought that he would like to try something new.
We started the morning with a hearty was our Happy Birthday Jesus cake what else? Then it was on to the presents. Jameson opened his oh so wanted tool bench (not what it sounds like when he says it ;),Jalen was thrilled with Sorry Slider but that was only the beginning. Oh yes, what was that tall present under the quilt? Ahhhh.....IT'S A GUINEA PIG...SANTA BROUGHT ME A GUINEA PIG, OH I KNEW HE WOULD, I KNEW HE WOULD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SILLY SANTA BROUGHT ME A GUINEA PIG! ......priceless. Tommy Rodger is his name and messy is his game. That's right, we are the proud new parents of Tommy Rodger, a 1 month old calico guinea pig that the boys believe came straight from the north pole. I hate to admit it but the little guy is sort of cute. Against better judgement of course but what do you do when 1 week before the big day you hear "Dear Santa, if I only get one present this year, I hope it's a guinea pig"? After all the boys have been through this year..I figured what the heck. I'll be sure to post some pictures of the newest addition to our family very soon.

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