Monday, May 25, 2009

Tent Tales

Well we did it. We had our first camping trip as a family. What fun! When we first arrived at the campsite, James and the boys started by putting up the tent. Each of them helped contribute by putting in the stakes.

All went well!

Then it was time to gather firewood before for dinner! What hard work!


Let's cook!

Ahh...the finished product! Yum! There's nothing like an ooey gooey smore!

While hiking through the woods we found a slimy little friend. Jalen loved him but as you can tell by the look on Jameson's face...yeah, not so much. He jumped out of his chair higher than the frog did! lol..too cute.

And what camping experience would be complete without a little shadow puppet performance. We had such an amazing time together and cannot wait until our next camping adventure. It was great bonding time as a family and a great learning experience for the boys. I have to admit though, I am looking forward to cozying up in my bed tonight without a tree root sticking me in the spine!

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