Friday, November 26, 2010

Days of Disney

Jalen, Jameson and Jacey here! Did you know that Mommy and Daddy took all three of us to Disney this fall? We know what you're about to say..."What were they thinking?" Well, we promised to be on our best behavior and we think we did a pretty swell job! We started the excitement by creating a countdown calendar that Mommy put on the fridge. Each morning before school, one of us got to do the honors of marking off another day. Finally, the big day arrived. We could hardly squeeze the four suitcases, diaper bag, two boosters, a car seat, a stroller and 5 people inside but we made it work...Barely! Jacey was super excited to be on an airplane for the first time. She loved looking out the window and watching the clouds go by.
When we arrived at our hotel room we discovered that Minny and Mickey had been waiting for us to arrive! They even left us surprises in our room to show how excited they were to have us there.

The next 6 days were nothing but fun as we were up at dawn and out til dusk ensuring that we didn't miss a single thing.
We visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney. Because our Mommy tends to go overboard at times, she took over 400 pictures which means that we can't possibly post them all here but we do want to share them with you! Click Here To Take A Peek At All The Fun We Had!

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