Monday, December 8, 2008

The Book of Love

Yesterday was quite an eventful evening for the Gilbert family. We started the night at church where we enjoyed a Christmas play put on by the elementary students, followed by a cookie reception with a few of our close friends. We then began our 45 minute journey home which would include a brief detour to the Frankfort Park for their annual Christmas Light Display and Santa's House. I must say that the conversation that took place during our car ride home was even more eventful then the actual events themselves that night. Let me explain....I'm not even sure as to how the conversation came about but we somehow arrived on the subject of love. We were discussing how you were suppose to treat someone that you love and in what ways you could show someone that you love them. Our 5 yr old then proceeds to tell us that he knows all about it and that he wrote a book about love. "It's called the book of love" he said "and its for kids my age". Oh how we could not wait to hear the details. "The first thing that I would do is take her to eat dinner in one of those long black taxis" We can only assume that he is referring to a limousine which is a nice start, lucky girl. "Then I would give her flowers and a ring" Well what can I say, he's a quick mover but then again ....he is his father's son:) Our 3 yr old then decides that he would like to share his opinion of the perfect date...again our 3 yr old! "I would like for her to have pink hair and blue eyes and I would take her to the beach and I would buy her candy and she would love it" The boys then continued to talk amongst themselves about what the perfect scenario would be as James and I listened from the front seat. We treasured this precious moment of the little voices in the back, knowing we would someday watch them pull away in that long black taxi with the girls they described by their side. Hopefully without the pink hair of course. We are realizing that time goes by so quickly. Each day a new word is added to their vocabulary and each day they are one step further from needing us to wipe their nose, wash their hands or tuck them into bed. I've been trying my best this month to make the most of every possible second that I have with my children, knowing that each day with them has been a gift ; a gift that cannot be purchased by standing in a bustling line of grumpy people, maxing out their plastic and expending all of their energy on ribbons and bows, but a gift that has been given by the Lord and one that should be irreplaceable and indescribably of value and of worth. A gift that is an opportunity to make memories. I encourage all of you to make your own memories with your children this Christmas. Teach them the reason for the season and savor the flavor of every precious moment that will soon be gone; from changing a dirty diaper to having snot stains and boogers on the shoulder of your favorite sweater. Read stories, bake cookies, live, laugh and love them....and they will in return forever love you and their memories . "To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today"....Barbara Johnson

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