Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the Season

Yesterday we decided to kick off the Christmas season with a full day of fun. First, we made a quick visit to the library to get some holiday books. Then it was off to the tree farm! On the way, I read the boys "A Trip To The Tree Farm" so that they would know just what to expect when we arrived. We started with a hayride back to the field. Then we searched for the perfect tree. James was your modern day Clark Griswald let me tell ya. " the beaming rays shined down on the tree of his choice". I decided to keep searching as his tree was only 4 feet tall! After finding the perfect one, we cut it down and threw it on the cart. The farmer then loaded it on the wagon and drove us back to the shop.

Once we made it home we watched a holiday movie and enjoyed a cup of home made hot chocolate. Yum!

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